Robert Mack Foundation

On behalf of a wonderful son and brother who was also our best friend, thank you for taking this time to discover Robert’s love for his country, his servitude to those in need, and his purpose and legacy which continue to help us along life’s journey.

Our wish is to keep his memory alive by helping others through charitable giving, scholarship awards, medical and financial assistance for those in need through cooperative agreements, grief counseling, disaster relief missions, and hopefully with a relief mission in the near future to show appreciation and boost morale for our troops in their fight against global terrorism in various parts of the world.

We are planning a variety of fundraising effots to subsidize these programs and appreciate your help to support the businesses who help us in meeting our goals. If the Robert Mack Foundation’s initiatives speak to your heart, please share our purpose with them. Perhaps they will have the desire to promote Robert’s legacy with us.

May God bless you for your endearment to Robert and his organization and thank you again, for allowing us to serve a variety of needs to our fellow man.

Joe & Susan Mack
Philippians 2: 3 & 4


Robert Mack, April 4, 1981 – August 18, 2002

The soft-spoken child, the humble warrior.
Robert’s twenty-one years were involved in church related group activities, sports, and travel. In his early years he enjoyed playing a variety of sports, riding horses, flying, combat shooting, and especially being close to family and friends. After earning a black belt in Taekwondo at age 14, he broadened his horizons and received his Open Water certification for scuba diving that year.

In 1995 and 1996, Robert played linebacker for Northwest Middle-School and Southlake-Carroll in Texas. When the family moved to Pleasanton, California he played for John Madden’s sons – Joe & Mike, at Foothills High School (the team went undefeated that year and he became close friends with teammate, Mike Dimaggio – nephew of the baseball legend Joe Dimaggio). Later moving back to Arkansas, Robert was a running back for the Greenbrier Panthers and graduated in the top 9% in the Class of 2000.

Being awarded a $23,700 scholarship at Texas A&M, Robert chose to pursue his future military aspirations through the Naval Officer Scholarship Program because he wanted to serve his country as a Navy SEAL. While attending college he was working on a second martial arts black belt in Combat Jiu-jitsu. As fun as it is to make one’s first jump, skydiving would become useful for his military aspirations. Having earned his pilot’s license he also wanted to establish a “Father/Son Around the World Speed Record” with his dad during his final spring break in college.

In August 2001 Robert arrived in Beirut for a three week tour of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt. He returned to the U.S. via Paris and Amsterdam hours before starting his Sophomore year in college. While on tour he had the opportunity to experience some wreck diving with the Beirut Dive Club and Red Sea Divers – both unforgettable experiences.

The cultural exposure was priceless – from the campus of the American University in Beirut where he planned to attend a summer course, to exposure with Hamas and Hezbollah at road stops in the Bekka Valley (he talked two of them out of giving up their Hamas flag).  Interacting with Syrian soldiers at the Baal Beck ruins, the local Jordanians at Petra, and underprivileged children along the way, the three weeks translated into a unique experience.

Although extending his legacy is one of the important purposes in our lives, our primary goal is our servitude to Jehovah God our Father through Jesus Christ, His Son.  May we be empowered to follow Robert’s love in helping others but most importantly, his dedication to God, country, and our fellow man – may God be praised!